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Old Dog Theatre (ODT) is an emerging theatre company and The Castle is our first production as a collaborative group. ODT was created to change the way people think about literature adaptations, particularly literature not originally written in English.


By selecting neglected texts and reinventing the narrative through movement and puppetry our aim is to reengage audiences with meaningful stories through new forms.


While our company is new our team the production team have a wide variety of credits including The Vaults, Tristan Bates, Etcetera, The Tower of London, and The Bunker. After receiving funding Old Dog will be performing their debut production at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019.

Trevor Write - Director

About our work


We select challenging literary texts that are often neglected on the stage and explore them in new ways

Production Team


Trevor is Old Dog Theatre’s Founder, Director and Writer. He graduated from Goldsmiths in Drama and Theatre Arts, in which he fostered an interest in conveying philosophical concepts on stage, getting lost in Beckett and Schopenhauer. He has directed shows in both London and Dublin and often works with sound design, having written, directed, and mixed an audio play. Trevor is passionate about finding new and innovative ways to bring texts from an international variety of literary traditions to life on the stage.

Artistic Director

Trevor White


Alex is a London based producer who works across theatre, comedy, dance and spoken word. With a background in theatre management Alex is a veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has successfully produced sellout platform events for both Edinburgh and most recently at The Vault Festival in London.  Founder of FemFringe and Culturised Alex takes her academic background (everyone needs a specialist in medieval heresy) to promote challenging criticism and open access across the arts.

Creative Producer

Alex Hackitt-Anwyl


Ruth is a movement director and theatre maker based in London. She recently completed an MA in ‘Movement: Directing and Teaching’ from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, during which she worked with the National Youth Theatre and across a number of BA and MA acting courses. Having trained in dance from a young age Ruth found her way into movement during her BA at the University of East Anglia. She co-directed a number of shows focusing on movement, including two shows for the Edinburgh Fringe. She is associate director for critically acclaimed company, SpeakUp Theatre, and regularly runs outreach workshops drawing on her movement work.

Movement Director

Ruth Phillips


Alex is a London based theatre designer and puppet maker. She loves to flex her creative muscles by experimenting with space, materials and colour, and aims to use environmentally sustainable materials in her work so that it only ever has a positive effect on the planet. She loves to collaborate and explore ideas with the team before finding the best way to express what everyone feels the play should be. Alex has trained with The Little Angel Theatre, Brunskill and Grimes, Curious School of Puppetry and The Young Vic.

Design & Puppetry

Alex Milledge

Upcoming Projects

Our next Show: 'The Castle' (Kafka), will be premiering in London in April ahead of a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019.


London Previews 

Bread & Roses Theatre, Clapham

22/23 July 21:00


Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Greenside Infirmary Street

2-17th August (excl. Sundays) 



"Far from home in a foreign Land, K struggles single-mindedly to unlock the secrets of the Castle. He wages a war of wits against the elusive official Klamm, certain that it is only by standing face to face with the divine authority of the Castle that he will ever find his place within this strange society. But will his pursuit alienate him completely from his fellow man?"


Old Dog Theatre’s adaptation of Kafka’s final and unfinished novel will explore the lonely landscape of ‘The Castle’ through the use of puppetry and movement bringing the work of the great modernist writer brought to life on the stage.


By staging K’s choice between his Faustian pursuit of the Castle authorities and his budding romance with his fiancée, we will be delving into one of Kafka’s most nuanced works and exploring what we must give up in order to make peace with the society around us.

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